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Steve Flamm

CEO, Premier Credit Union

Steve Flamm

Steve Flamm is responsible for the general management of Premier Credit Union, a $100 million credit union located in Des Moines, Iowa. Flamm has been the CEO of Premier Credit Union since 2007.

Flamm's career with Premier Credit Union began in 1997 when he was hired as the Vice President of Operations. A role he held until promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2006.

Before arriving at Premier Credit Union, Flamm worked for the State of Iowa Credit Union Division as a field examiner. Later his responsibilities changed and he became more involved in the quality standards of the exam process. He prepared the Credit Union Division to qualify for national accreditation in the mid 1990s, a status it still enjoys today. Flamm began his credit union examiner career in 1985 as a field examiner until he was promoted to Quality Standards Specialist in 1993. A position he held until he left the Credit Union Division in 1997.

In 1998 Steve was elected to the Iowa Corporate Central Credit Union Board. While on the Board, Steve held positions as Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, President, Secretary and Audit Committee Chairperson.

Steve currently lives in West Des Moines and has for 27 years. He is married to Donna and they have three adult children. When the children were younger, Steve was active in coaching in the West Des Moines Little League, West Des Moines Soccer and AAU baseball.

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