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About Us

Community Business Lenders Service Company, LLC (CBLSC) was founded on Feb. 1, 2005, in order to provide Iowa credit unions with the resources and third-party support to offer member business loans to small business owners and individuals who are eligible for credit union membership. Through our vision, "Building stronger communities - one business at a time," CBLSC strives to strengthen Iowa's credit unions, businesses and communities.

CBLSC is an Iowa-based, for-profit company that is open to all credit unions and is owned by a number of Iowa credit unions. CBLSC's services include underwriting, documenting, closing and servicing loans as well as facilitating loan participations.

Types of Loans Funded

CBLSC offers Iowa businesses and individuals a wide variety of member business loans that include both term and revolving lines of credit. CBLSC will work with credit unions and borrowers to ensure the loan participation process is completed successfully. The following types of loans are offered by CBLSC:

  • Real Estate Loans; and
  • Revolving lines of credit.

Please contact CBLSC for more information about our company and our services.

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